I am 37 year old and am about to lose my virginity this weekend, with a real woman. I have only had sex with lanyes in my life so i don’t think it counts.
I have zero confidence and don’t know how this works. Is it tight, or does it enters easily? Do they urge you to cum faster like lanyes? Which position do they enjoy most?
Any other tips that you might have, I would appreciate a lot.

Real woman or Lanye kama umetoba coomer ni coomer, ondoa ufala ya kujiita virgin…but usipeleke style mingi hapo, fanya ile ya wamissionary.

virgin with f…ing experience .

Another virgin mary story


Virginity ya pande gani?

OP has raised a new trending sexual behaviour among youths nowadays. During our time (Late 90s- Early 2000) first sex encounter for a boy/young man was with a girlfriend kwa Thingira or green lodge. Mambo ya kulipa lodging na Maraya tulikuwa tukisikilia huko mbali from Lorry drivers na walevi wa bar.
Today, most youths wanatolewa ubikra na Malaya! Juu madem their agemates are busy chasing chumz from Sponsors.

Senyeste ni senyeste. Whether ya malakra ama ya ‘real woman’.

@Matapiko is old and he lost his virginity to a prostitute.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]youre talking good on one thread and abusing me on the other. Make your mind up[/SIZE]