Virginity sale

A politician from Tokyo out bid a famous footballer to be the first person to sleep with a model who sold her virginity for more than Sh260 million to “make her mother proud”.

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, who is one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models, said she wanted to sell her virginity so that she can buy her mother a house so that they can travel around the world together.

She auctioned her virginity on the infamous escort site Cinderella Escorts, based in Germany.

According to her profile Mammadzada is also looking for a sugar daddy who will provide her with a monthly allowance of Sh3.3 million.On Friday, the site said the auction was closed but confirmed that the second highest bidder was a lawyer from London and the third highest was a footballer from Munich.

Cinderella Escorts would reportedly take up to 20 percent of the money as their part of the deal.

The consummation will allegedly take place in Germany, where selling sex is legal.

Surely young virgins can be found for far less than that. But kudos to the chick for being shrewd

Sasa sisi huku tulipata virgins bure…

I tell you I will never do a virgin again

Those days people could trust easily… Plus ukambani iko na Mambo yao

Wakamba on the most part have very nice n sweet women

Some of you are missing the point, it’s not the virginity he’s paying for, it’s the quality of the so called virgin ‘model’, acheni ku compare dem akona hot body+face with that kamba girl umekamua kwa highschool.

Ka weh ni mbirrionea na unaona Shakira vajo ako kwa transfer market unawekelea doh yoyote haiuwi mfuko.

Nonetheless I believe no pussy is worth more than 200ksh

Hehehe hio inakuwanga kazi na nusu…dem analia lia hapo plus if dont have the stamina you wont break that hymen

There are 2 men that a normal woman will never forget no matter the ends of the world that she walks

  1. The nigga that took her virginity
  2. The nigga who first impregnated her

If u gonna marry her, make sure you are one of these guys

BTW, Thats why single mothers come with a boatload of baggage

Ametupa pesa yake.

Besides any woman of means can have her virginity surgically restored and you would be none the wiser. Many stupid Arabs are falling for this all the time.

I have heard this said. Sijui kama ni kweli. Jamaa kama ni kweli wengine wetu Mungu atusaidie. Mungu aturehemu.

:D:D hapana ogopa mblo even your ex will never forget you.

Ile mbaya ni number 2. Alafu iwe walibreak up when still young. Noma sana.

highest was a footballer from Munich.# hii ni mungich ribery

:DAsanda sana, but there are some bygones you want to remain bygones.

On no.2, I will have to concur with you despite my reservations.

Hata malaya sugu will not easily forget a nigga whose seed first grew in her. Its not that easy considering how emotionally attached bitches can be.

Or why do you think our forefathers placed such a high-premium on virginity as one of the requirements for brideprice?

Model auctions her virginity for Sh260 million to buy house for her mother

Before admin deletes, this is something that is causing headwinds as big wigs weigh in on transactional sex bill.

The Daily Mail reported the successful bidder was a Japanese politician, who will be able to verify Ms Mammadzada is a virgin by getting her checked out by a doctor.