Vipi Wadau? Mwatombwa Hamtombwi?

Turkana Wind Power Owners received 11.5 billion in the last 10 months, selling wind to KPLC.

They came, they saw, they conquered.

Now the cost of electricity will go up by 20%.

Next 12 months they will make 25 billion, selling wind to single digit iq kenyan bonobos.

Wewe huongea ni kama you are not in Kenya. You are no different from the ODM guys who laugh at Jubilee voters due to bad leadership. It makes no sense

Tumia lugha safi baba

@sani ,endelea kuambia hizi bonobo ukweli.Inauma but itabidi muzoee:D:D:D:D
Endeleeni kupigia wezi kura na bado mnataka mabadiliko 57years later

kenyans huwa shortsighted, they’ve never realized the direct relationship with whAt they do at the ballot with the quality of life they’re living, mtu anasemanga tu six piece without caring of the end results.

We could also ask the same question about Arror and Kimwarer. Are your people using the towels to irrigate their farms? Arap Mwisi is not the savior that you are touting here.

Leta link cause this is unbelievable. Hii ni kutombwa mpaka masikio

Io ignorance yako ndio inafanya muuziwe upepo.
Wacha kuogopa kufikiria. Uhuru left for Italy yesterday to pick his cheque. Ask hard questions.

Jubilee voters fought it’s like they’re ushering in a savior for leadership.

After hapo they begin complaining of corruption after voting the same person twice
(not just a one-time mistake)

This is insane. The CS for energy Keter must go. Those must be the kick backs that he gives his boss to donate wheelbarrows. NB in 50/50 uhuruto arrangement Energy was given to ruto.

Uhuruto wanatumalisa kabisa

What bothers me is not Kenyatta or Ruto or Raila ama ata Jubilee vs ODM.
What bothers me the most is when people go to vote and retain the SAME people that shafted them live for 5 years. I’m off the view even good performing political need to be replaced. Incumbency breeds complacency. They start thinking it’s a birthright.

Politricks is like food,you are what you eat.Kuleni ujeuri wenu

The only reason you are here yapping like a deranged fool is so that you can position your snout in the feeding trough come 2022. You know as well as I do that Ruto is a thief just like Uhuru and Raila. The only difference is that he is YOUR thief. So don’t bring us that half arsed rubbish of “capitalistic owners of capital” rubbish. You are Ruto’s arse wipe. Don’t be afraid to think! Nonsense.

To you and the clueless majority, Ruto and Uhuru are the same, but to the few parasitic owners of capital who have your treasury by the balls, Ruto and Uhuru are not the same.

Peana straight answer

Maliza yeye. Tomba yeye proper

Nani sio mwizi? we are all thieves, but some of us will not accept being controlled by foreigners. Some thieves are proud and will not worship parasitic owners of capital.

Straight up lie and even if it isn’t, it’s totally non of our business. Whether the supposed owners view Ruto as a threat, Ruto’s made it clear he does not have the interests of the nation at heart but own selfish interests.


who owns the project… ? foreigners , politicians ? tenderpreneurs ?