Violent wife

Let’s take a tour . [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Santa pharmacy [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]will be your guide . Enjoy
[ATTACH=full]487774[/ATTACH]@uwesmake the dreaded ktalk mafioso who tramples mkamba mjinga like ghaseeer is a victim of domestic violence.
Lets ask ourselves a simple question, which woman can beat a renown kwift watchie whose legs make @johntez addi gaza msafi avoid kwift branch kimilili like plague?
before we expose the she tiger let’s first have a glimpse of @uwesmake Didier drogber mighty omuleg [ATTACH=full]487775[/ATTACH]well @uwesmake spends alot of time at Harry’s tavern drinking and squeezing Bernice . His wife is always feeding waiting for her husband. Gentlemen mama Clichy [ATTACH=full]487776[/ATTACH]by 1am she is so annoyed , waiting for the croner to finish scratching shemales [ATTACH=full]487778[/ATTACH]whats saddens me is when the mighty @uwesmake arrives home , he turns into a mouse .[ATTACH=full]487779[/ATTACH]this is the might ktalk ‘president?’ waiting for his daily dose of beating before taking ARVs so that they sleep. Mama Clichy likes to sleep on top . Sad manze

@PHARMACY mnafaa mfungiwe kwa room na @uwesmake mfanye mambo

The poll is going on unperturbed swine @Starscream

:D:D:D and the show continues

A picture of mama Clichy on top iko wapi?

@MUKAMBA MUJINGA what’s the poll about? Unge inbox tu @uwesmakende hii story yenyu buana.

Kush manono vote quietly and go to sauna [ATTACH=full]487819[/ATTACH]

Upuss from a mukamba mujinga

Malisa hio chokosh

John kiriamiti , the poll continues unperturbed :D:D:D:D by the end of the exercise all talkers will vote ,so vote and piga ngeta watu pale oyole the last day of the year. I would appreciate if u steal from @kush yule mnono the fat coward

@johntez addi gaza msafi aka mwisi mujinga anajua wale wanyonge anaibia. Hawes jaribu hio upuuus na mimi.