I was going through one of kenyas car selling websites.I bumped into this vehicles.I was wondering do people buy this type of vehicles in kenya consindering how old and overpriced they are.

Wacha nione mtu akiniita peasant.Sijui i stick to my lane.

Dodge pickup


Ford jba


Saab 4




I saw this red Chevy in the Concous d’Elegance Ngong Road some time back. People buy them. There is some guy with quite a collection hapo Bogani his compound touches on the JKUAT Karen on the way to Marist college. Mekanika Murefi must be a connoisseur. They are that highly priced because the owners are not in a hurry to get rid of them.

Shida sio peasantry tu. You are new to cars.

Ati i am new to cars.I have been around cars since i was born.The reason i don’t understand is why would someone buy such cars including those old Ferraris worth over 100 million just to pack them in their compounds.It looks like it’s wastage of money.They are loud,slow etc.

Mimi nikona 1979 benz iko jikoni…

most who buy such cars are already filthy rich and most rich guys like unique things which they are the only ones who own plus hii nikama investment since in like ten years akiamua kuuza hio vintage kwa auction he/she will make so much

Those are beautiful specimens.
When it comes to cars, all sense flies out the window.
At least the bike is helping with the VAT problems.

@Polmos sitakuita peasant lakini have you ever heard of an event called Concour de Elegance? That’s where such cars are displayed by car enthusiasts

Do the owners who display their cars there get paid?

Methinks they pay to floss…and there are winners who get ‘something’…

Yes. You are new to cars.

Tell me how many cars you have owned or driven in your entire lives before telling me i am new to cars.Just explain the reason why people buy those old ugly,loud cars with outdated technology.

If you can ask…

Wewe inaonekana hata hujui.:smiley:

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bila evidence,this head’s gon keep on nodding

The winners get paid. But everyone else pays to enter his or her vehicle

that price ningeendea ford FI50… A THING OF BEAUTY[ATTACH=full]194074[/ATTACH]

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