Villagers, work hard and be like the CEO of Co-op bank


kuna biashara sidehustle huyo msee hufanya kweli?

you can make much more than that ukienda upande wa biz

eg which biz?

any kind of Biz as long as you employ yourself…[SIZE=1][FONT=courier new]isnt that the advice people get [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=courier new][SIZE=1]every time[/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s peanuts, when you think on a global. Barrofcos in vumbistan that’s King of the mountain, fuck you type of money. [MEDIA=twitter]1417868273945882626[/MEDIA]
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is a shoemaker included? or according to you that is not biz?

Last FY he earned close to the same I guess and he has been earning such hefty bonuses.
What does he do with all that money?

Yes, as long as you employ yourself you can easily get much more.

He is a major shareholder of the bank so he has basically employed himself.

Yet at his position and longevity, probably he does nothing. Just a figure head. He made tons of money, illegally, when they took co-op to stock exchange,

Generally, i consider this kind of comparison idioti…top global company vs some .ke bank.



Jamie Dimon ni musito. He’s mastered the art of manufacturing money from thin air through shady financial instruments such as derivatives.

Yes, even muguku started with one egg

its immoral for him to get those crazy bonusses yet other employees are paid peanuts

@Azor Ahai your valuable input is needed here

If you add the shares he owns in the company, the CEO of Co-op bank makes almost kshs. 1 million per day.

hio ni pesa ya kuwa CEO ya shareholders iko kando