villagers with questionable profile pics

Have you ever looked at someone’s profile pic and replied his threads/replies with caution??? Well, I have my fair share
For example, if you looked at the @admin, his image is that of hospitals, “silence please” [ATTACH=full]62590[/ATTACH] look at @Mundu Mulosi ,an office dude who comes from ukambani.though anakaa old model.

Look at mine…that’s raila (donkey) vs Kenyans…

Now, compare such guys with someone like @Jakoyo, those faces you make when you catch your crush staring at you…funny, naughty Chicky etc

@Wakanyama, a photo that triggers that annoying sound of " reply with extreme caution" imagine someone called wakanyama, using machetes photo, and all that comes into my mind is that scene where danny cuts a mans intestines, and jumps out the window holding them, you can’t insult him,i give you my word, if you owe wakameat, he won’t only come after you, he comes after your whole village…Mexican style…[ATTACH=full]62582[/ATTACH]

Another one is @sunnymango
Enyewe jela so kupoa…wacha nisiseme kitu coz naivasha maximum iko hapa karibu na Mimi…sitaki unnecessary man hunt…

Lastly, @Nattydread [ATTACH=full]62585[/ATTACH]
Hata kama ni kukosa picha…was this the only photo available??? The dude must be a cop, and mostly the one who teargassed alipelemba babu…

Some of these pics should be changed with immediate effect…
I rest my case

If u dont have a scantily dressed lass as a ur avatar, boy, u g…ga…ay… You gay

Good radiance you ain’t a mod,

ya @Tiriitiondo naonanga ni kama ya homo akili punguani . ya @Jakoyo mimi hucheka tu nikiona .

me too

Kwani huyu @Tiriitiondo alikula bibi yako Shipoto!!

Thanks for the compliments wana kijiji:D:D

Every duke deserves an avatar like mine its good when it comes to " blowing" Trumpets of course.

Its a matter of perspective. Ha

At least be more creative than using Victoria Rubadiris pic. We see her more than enough on TV. Already out of Arimis.

Wale hamfikishi threshold… This is the face she should make yaani uchungu utamu… Always refer to my avatar incase you forget.

Pia yangu naona iko on point:: hii hagga ukipata ,u wonder whea to start n finish first

Mongoose wacha chocha.

It’s a meerkat dumbass

Inakaa mimi pekee ndio sina avatar. Coming soon.

@wonderful wonder wonderfool you have forgotten @Pimp master general

A meerkat is a member of the mongeese family.

mongoose .

asande sana for correcting the homowebdev huwa anapayuka na hakuna kitu kwa hio kichwa yake kubwa

A leopard belongs to the cat family too. :D:D

Wah…I had not seen that…Ngai, are you sure he is human.???