Villagers!! Where was this talent?

I’ve never considered music as talent… I mean you can record a rabbit squeaking and put it on a beat it turns to be a great hit

To add to that …Modern music is manufactured in the studio . Sound engineers & producers make songs , artists have ghost writers and all that’s needed is studio time & maybe passion or desperation …talent is a myth .

Upuzi. Have you ever heard “Labyrinth Jealous”

Kenyan musicians sing bullshiet no pun intended

Wrong , this guy is talented

Thank you .Reinforces my point BULLSHIET

Natambua huyo msito

In Kenya you must sing bullshiet to become famous


Hii ndio Kenyan rap / hiphop Sio kama hio ya wannabe American
Good Swahili lyrics, metaphors, punchlines
Beat ziko fine

I like it!

To add to that… No one can understand what these musicians are singing. “Yeah Yeah Yea buoyy” - wtf is that?

You alone

this was the real hiphop

Listen to Otis Redding and tell me there is no musical talent. Consider also that he died very young.

What do you consider as being a talent?

Iyo swali unafaa ujibu na talent yako

Nilidhani ungetuimbia jibu