Villagers muwache kusumbua chifu usiku wa manane


Mukuru Kwa Njenga chief Christine Mwende Marete has warned residents against calling her at night.

She claimed she is a married woman, who respects her marriage and husband.

Marete noted that such late-night calls can cause suspicion.

“Please, don’t call me at night with non-official issues. Unless it is an emergency, I will not pick such calls. You want me to be chased away from home?” she posed.

Marete, who doubled as Kware assistant chief, was speaking at Kware Police Post, now a station in Kware Ward in Embakasi South Constituency in Nairobi, during an event to open her new offices.

The chief’s office was constructed through donation by Nyumba Kumi members, chairmen and the chief’s friends.

Embakasi Division Assistant County Commissioner John Kipsang said he was pleased to see residents partner with the government in coming up with such projects like the chief’s office.

“If we have such unity, we shall have more chief’s offices built at Kwa Njenga and Imara Daima police stations. Currently, there are five stations in Embakasi Division including Kwa Reuben, Kware and Mombasa Road without vehicles but we have asked the Government to chip and help,” said Kipsang.

Kipsang also asked residents to collect their Huduma cards.

“There are over 20,000 of them lying uncollected. Kindly go and pick them,’’ added Kipsang.

  • James Wanzala

Mbwa. Jiekee izi mehemehe kwa kichwa


Wewe jabambitika

Mtu huingia kazi ya chief aje. Is there a chief school?

You apply just like any other job.
Qualification- Diploma in public admin…,

Kama huna patience ya endless cases za kijingajinga vijijini, usithubutu.

@ChifuMbitika cousin anaendelea vipi

Serikali hailali buana. Kama hawezi shika simu saa tisa usiku/asubuhi awache kazi.

Anajua kitu inaitwa airplane mode?

awache ujinga KWARE and PIPELINE are 24 hrs economies . tunadinya wakamba huko 24/7

Ango nirushie digits za mkamba mmoja. Yule wangu wa Kitui tumekosana

Hao ni wakisii

Ushamba galore