Villagers, i need a nice phone for my mom.

As the title says, I need a nice smartphone. I have been out of the technology world for quite sometime. Nimeingia jumia nikaskia kichwa inaspin…so many crazy names for phones that i fear the Nigerians and the chinkuyus (Chinese the kiuk brothers) are into something fishy. Last time i purchased phone was in 2014 so niko white hii side.
Anyway, i don’t need something complicated, just something nice for a parent.

Buy her an xtigi that looks like a walkie talkie and has a torch. This thing has a battery that lasts for a month. Ama ata yee uko mukuru Na whatsapp

Unge weka budget yako, labda ata uko na mia tano

ocha kuna stima…pia pic anaeza jipiga pic na simu ikiwa upside down si baya na awekelee bet pale sportpesa. But a nice phone


How old is your mom?

I would say go for the infinix zero 3.

It looks classy and has quite some decent specs(3gb ram, 16gigs storage, 20mp camera, dual LED flash, a decent battery plus a huge screen in case sight is a problem for her)

The main concerns for a parent are ease of use and battery life.

I got my mum an LG440 3 yrs ago. She is still happy with it plus anaendanga nayo church in place of a bible. Not sure if it is still in production, but it has a 3-inch screen and a 3200mah battery. Its charge lasts 3 days.

Then, edit hiyo menu and remove things like data, bluetooth, etc since your mum wont need them, and they can chew her credit and charge. Spend a weekend with her ukimfunza kuitumia. She will bless you forever.

asande sana,…working on a phone with longer battery life though power is not main thing here…bro mdogo atamfunza how to use it.

my suggestion…Tecno w4 or Tecno L8.Iko poa.Si complicated ni rahisi kutumia

I second. Hio L8 ndio iko na battery kama ya Vitz?

yeah battery yake ni 5050 amph

Usidanganywe hapa na matecno na mainfinix, they won’t last. Either something will fall off, stop functioning, and 100% guarantee malware na unsolicited adverts zitaharibu hiyo simu. Akienda kutumia dialer advert ya porn itokee.

Kama mfuko ndio issue angalia Xiaomi aka Naomi, Oppo angalia zile zina Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

For older people, power is always a major factor because their lives do not revolve around electronic gadgets. They want something they will charge once a week.

Si utengeneze yako!

Hii hatred ya watu wa biashara inakuwasha kwa nini?

wewe na kuelewa hampatani ata kidogo.Si mmoja wenu ajiforce kwa mwingine tafasari

:D:D:D:Dhatred iko wapi hapo…juu nimesema kikuyu ama? click the report button then.

“Chinkuyus (Chinese the kiuk brothers)”

Do you have to be validated by demeaning others?

Not all Kiuks are thieves and not all Luo’s are stone throwers…

Just to give you some perspective… You could have asked for advice without dragging people into it (Why not say you don’t need fakes…?)

Am a Kikuyu and i don’t see anything wrong about @Byros comment.

Then you must be as shallow and as sad as he is.

Did I say it was about Kikuyus? This is about getting validation by demeaning others. Seems you’re of the same feather…

Boss that is something everyone is associating us to…If you are not the kind why the hell care about it??

“That is something everyone is associating us to…?”

Well, then if you accept it, you got serious self-esteem issues.

Are you defined by ‘tribe’ or by your ‘PERSON’? Are you living for you or for others?

Oh, BTW, I’m not the morality cop in these streets. I was just calling out the BS. Why can’t Kenyans be but have to be branded by tribe?