Village Mbirrionares-Plot for sale

A friend is disposing off a plot along the Eastern bypass around Kamakis. 2.5m, any leads?

I read this while breaking my fortune cookie. Is it a coincidence, or ?


What’s the size…???

50 by 100 feet

Kindly ask the millionaires

My instinct tells me to


Kamakis has a reputation…
How far is it fron the main road?

The guy says 3.5 km from the road, what you mean it has a reputation?

Ngumo… in greek

The chances of getting conned are very high…
Na double allocation ni kibao.

Make it 7.5km from the main road.

You don’t have to be sooo mean mkubwa. It is a guy I know.

This is exactly how people get conned…

weka coordinates

2.5?unaingilia wapi exactly?

He he he, 7.5 interior si utakuwa karibu kufika Kilimambogo?

That’s an eighth of an acre…so his prediction is that a full acre should be in the value of sh 20m…I think his price is on the higher side for the area an acre is valued between sh8m to sh15m. Unless its a broker’s margin.

Kama hujui wacha,kama corner ni 2m?!

But not more than Embakasi Ranching Co

Bora iyo shamba iko kwa database ya records ya ministry of lands, then no need to worry. Nangoja tu ile siku transfer itafanyika online kama ya gari…utapeli itadie
Leta iyo shamba staff member…nadai pia deep plan tufanye biz