Village life in Japan - ni kama Kenya tu

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Wanatumia jembe na ngombe kulima.

Japan still maintains a similar way of life. They still have mikoko in towns. however, Japan had a massive industrial capacity built during the Meiji era. During the war, japan had the most capable warships and torpedo technology. They also had a reputable aircraft manufacturing capacity in mitsubishi. So japan was like kenya probably in 1880s, a few years into the restoration.

Hehe hiyo ngombe haijui kile inasema, ni kama Ile ngombe mwenzake Ako kwa kiti ya urais, ilikua inacompare Kenyan debt with the Japanese one… even the remotest rural towns in Japan have functioning traffic hii Yako it’s like comparing day and night

Ma Japanese is watu hivi ivi. Uwezi fananisha bonobo na mjap at any level aisee. Trust me them Jap ma’fucker’s are on some next level shit.


It has never been a good idea to adopt western ideas whole sale. japan chose what suits them and have a better balanced and stable society. Western crap is creeping on them, but they have done well keeping it out.

Japan and Kenya should never be in the same sentence, where a comparison has to be made!!
Unless we use Toyota in Kenya is made in Japan

This jubilidiot @johnpombe is an interesting character. Surely who compares a third world country like Kenya to Japan. In fact, ungemallizia by saying Uhuru amefanya kazi. Sheeeenzi!

Comparing Japan and Kenya is an insult. For starters, their passport is the most powerful passport ever, not even Western countries can match them.

Genocidal takatakas .They should be nuked a 3rd time

You Can’t compare a self made empire with a dusty post-colonial protectorate that still relies on bread crumbs to survive , Japan are light years ahead buana

FYI they have one of the worst judiciary systems ! with a conviction rate of 99.99% meaning alot of innocent people are behind bars ! Cops and prosecutors will do anything for a conviction !

Our judiciary system is just as worst but with 99.9% corruption rate which means alot of criminals walk free. Cops and prosecutors are plagued with state capture, impunity and incompetence.

Lanye business ya Tokyo is solely run by yakuza… No government interference

Kenya as a republic is less than a century old. Japan is ancient as fk

Did you people watch the video i posted showing japanese wakilima na jembe na ngombe ama tu ni matusi? Watch the video before you comment. Let me post snapshots since it seems that hamna bundles to watch the video.







What was it before it became a Republic?

A British Empire Territory.

because they murdered your beloved chinks… :smiley: .well if that were to happen they would still pull themselves together to become a leading economy again, those fùckers are resilient as fuck…Remember they were nuked in 1945 and still managed to hold summer olympics 20yrs later in 1964

What is your point exactly ?
That Uhuru amefanya kazi and now we can compare our villages to Japan’s circa 1945 ?
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Dude…

Fanya hivi, ingia YouTube and look at their rural towns now. You will find interesting facts like breeding of koi fish in their drainage canals.