Village Chief

ES is now the Village Chief
with powers to equator @Mosa till 2040 and delete comments za @FieldMarshal CouchP

Cool beans.

:stuck_out_tongue: sasa mimi nifanywe village sponsor.naona kcr zimerudi

Anza na Trolls kwanza then opposition. Lastly weka RWNEBP in every post. Thank me later.

kua mpole hujafika mca bado

Let them have their field day, 26th itafika tupeleke mtu retire Bondo

He he hee Chief, kwanza uko na deni yangu ya Kcr

Pia mimi :):slight_smile:

Kimeibiwo kirudio…mimi na likes zangu 20K bado niko level ya sakafu…

jambazi wewe unafaa kurudishwa sv:D

Ngapi mtu wangu?

Ask Mods to put it in scream mode I.e CAPS.

congratulations are in order, sasa piga @Deorro and @introvert equator until the second coming :D:D:D:D

kwanza huyo introkanika achunge sana, siku atachora VC yeye inje

Look for a niche and capitalise on it. You see, our own Doc @Luther12 only laughs at people here and it earned him a VS title.



piga angoo @uwesmeffi crayon hadi 2032!

@pamba i demand additional armed security

ok let me try and understand this

You want us to spend villagers hard earned KCr on your security so that you can move from one thread to another commenting with reckless abandon

#isokey #isorait