Vile Uhuru Alinagushwa Na Ku Force BBi Ndivyo Ruto Ataangushwa Kwa Ku Force Finance Bill. 98% Don't Want It

Ruto is trying to sell Pork in Saudi Arabia. The bill is going to forcibly passed because he has power over his MPigs but ikipita the Opposition will leverage on it and incite the Poor Hustlers by becoming their voice. Now Raila will steal the Hustler Narrative na Ruto atakuwa anashambuliwa eti yeye ni mnyanyasaji wa wale watu aliotumia kuipanda ngazi kufika ikulu.

Very interesting times ahead.

It all comes back to the same scenario when Kang’ata wrote a letter to Uhuru telling him how unpopular BBi was in the grassroots. Okiya told Ruto the same yesterday. Kales in Kericho, Baringo, Nakuru don’t want it, same with Kukes in Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri, same with Luhyias. His bait is eti job creation bullshit.

When in history have Kenyans wanted to pay taxes? This is nothing new!

These are not taxes, this is a scandal based being planned. Kama NSSF wanashindwa kuimanage even these houses will be dished out to certain well connected thieves that don’t actually need them. We cannot believe ANYTHING that comes out MWIZI Ruto’s mouth. Fvcking thief ad murderer.

no way ruto is losing any election

Won’t lose an election but he will just be extremely unpopular among the masses. These days you cannot suppress information unlike Moi days when there was no Internet.

you really think ruto will be unpopular?you underestimate the stupidity of kenyans

So you are confirming the housing levy is a tax

Kenyans love masochism.

You can’t compare Konyagi with Nabii.
Konyagi was high on illegal substances 24/7 and as we all know, substance abuse impairs judgement. Hii ilimfanya mkewe amkimbie, living with a zombie is not easy. Kupata kwake urais ndiko kulimrejesha mkewe baada ya council of elders kunyenyekea.

Under his watch and awareness, vibaraka wake waliiba Kshs 2B daily, the fool while high stood in front of cameras from all local Tv stations then confessed that he is aware 2B is being stolen daily but he can’t stop it.

Quick math 2B × 365 days × 10 years = 7.3 Trillion. Nabii & Riiggy G are not angels either but what I am sure of is that what will be lost in the same period will be less than 1 Trillion. Kemsa walikua wameanza huo upuzi wa kuiba billions wakawekwa bahali yake. Very soon, KRA bosses are next…

Sasa, Huna payslip, Kama iko ni 30K meaning your 3% is a measly 900/- na mdoooomo hushindwi. Crying more than the bereaved! How can a guy be unpopular and be voted overwhelmingly? your logic is flawed

degree muhimu.
so 200k more than jakuon ni overwhelmingly:meffi:

the guy said nabii will be unpopular…in short he means, nabii could be popular now (i doubt) but he might become unpopular soon. Hiyo unaita measly ni shopping ya mtu one month. Wacha kiburi nani…Mola akikubariki, kuwa mnyenyekevu na mwenye subra. Sidhani ulifanya kumhonga Maulana eti ndo akubariki…

How do you know how things would exactly unfold. Ruto is not anything new in as far as dictatorship is concerned.

i KNOW how the last election went

@kwido @sludgist You two rats with a combined IQ of a post… I have said, there is no way you can claim he will win and yet he will also be unpopular. So how wll he win.? Its contracdiction.
And you my fren @kwido peleka hiyo too-goody-two-shoes christian crap ------------------->> kwa akina pastor ezekiel. You cant come at me with sijui ulibarikiwa bla bla bla. 900/- mnapiga kelele nayo can give 5 youths a job, with the housing plan, but myopia and tin god IQ makes you think very narrowly just because Adonija said it is bad.
DO you know ADONIJA HAD PROPOSED THE SAME WHN CAMPAIGNING? Ama sasa ni mbaya juu mtu mwingine amesema.
Cut your crap. Aint buying it. Nkt

Ruto afufue viwanda kama za cotton, pyrethrum etc.he kills cartels in coffee,tea industry etc.hii ya taxation ata aeke 102% na akose kuua corruption is just hot air

naachana nawe…wajiona jemedari…fankulo wewe…panzi malaya.

Unfortunately, the employed people are very few compared to the rest of Kenyans