Vijana wa gospel wanakamua watoto wa high school sana

Hakuna paedophilia hapo, mwanamke once akifika age ya kupata mimba then she is old enough for everyone.

Anasahau periodic table na periods zake pia

Kuna elder alisema hapa ukitaka mali safi ngojea kwa gate after final paper, but inakaa kuna watu wanaenda huko time ya mock exam:D

Truth is that the society lies to women in general that they mature faster, so you’ll find a high school girl trying to fit the narrative by dating older men who are only out there for the “spring chicken”. If you stop that nonsense, your litto girls will not feel the need to act “mature” while we all know that this girls maturing faster than men thing is a myth created mostly to make them settle mapema in those “convenient situations” they find themselves in once they become sexually active.

Disgruntled singo matha… Chietha

This is very true. Dj Mo was a hoe. So wa jalango

It’s no myth, daughters grow up fast compared to their opposite gender. That being said the question of personal character and surroundings play a huge part on the path they will find themselves in.


16 + iko Sawa

conman huyo tukiwa highschool Eldy

Truth be said hakuna mwanaume hajai kamua msichana wa high-school

Mimi hapa unaanza ata aje kukatia dame wa highschool unless ka sijui ni highschooler and probably underage