Vigilante Police Vs Terrible Githeri Media

Police in South Imenti, Meru County are on the spot after throwing tear gas canisters into a bar in Kamachege on Saturday night, leaving at least four people unconscious and others injured.
The incident, which happened at around 10pm, left revellers shaken, forcing some to escape from the locked bar through the roof leading to injuries.

The bar owner was also left counting losses following the commotion.

Mr Munga Gichunge said when the police officers realised the damage caused, they broke into the bar to rescue those who had fainted. :smiley:

Ms Nkirote said that two people were rushed to hospital at night by the police officers, who tried to silence them.
“After taking them to hospital, the police officers confiscated the treatment records and gave one of the men Sh1,500. They asked him not to utter a word about the incident,” Ms Nkirote claimed.


But South Imenti Police Commander William Maronga said the police officers used tear gas after they were pelted with stones.
“The police officers were on routine patrol when they met youths who started throwing stones. The officers lobbed tear gas to disperse the rowdy youths. I am not aware of anyone who was injured,” Mr Maronga said. o_O

Some of the victims and witnesses who spoke to journalists said the police officers knocked at the locked door and when those inside failed to open, they threw in three tear gas canisters.
“We were enjoying our drink at around 10.20pm while the doors were closed. Suddenly, tear gas canisters were thrown inside leaving many gasping for breath. One of the canisters hit me on the hand causing injuries. Three people fell unconscious,” Mr John Mwenda, a resident, said.
Ms Maryanne Nkirote, a bartender, said they suspected that the rogue police officers were drunk during their patrol.

Lack of education. These young men have been radicalised by the system. King’ori Mwangi humiliates officers undertaking training at Kiganjo. They have stress

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Cops have been caught on camera lobbing teargas cannisters into matatus in the CBD, kuna rotten apples na institutionalised arrogance, sadism and impunity, shows you why that cop in tharakanithi was killed by a mob.

You don’t attack officers on patrol then lock yourselves in a bar. You’ll be smoked out literally; otherwise swali la kuuliza ni - why lock patrons inside your bar at ten thirty when legal closing time is eleven? Why deny police access if there was no illegality happening?

Tulikuwa tunalinda pesq ya ndizi

last time nilikuwa imenti south mtu akidunga migomba hutumwa equity akalipe ndio aje akate ndizi. kwani siku hizi mumeanza kuuza cash?

these two words betray the bias of the reporter. what information did he withhold so as to make the police look bad?

Unajua Kamachege huwa soko

Mwarimo hapa iko kitu tunafichwa. Mwenye baesa alikuwa ameamua kuwa kausha pesa protection. So they had to teach mwenye baesa hao ndio kusema.

Bar za peasants husumbuliwa sana.

Do you know the meaning of Vigilante?..tragic

Yes, the ‘service’ requires modernization. One way is to decentralize it like other law enforcement agencies around the world.

You want the Noun or the Adjective definition, you illiterate mangaa?

Let me educate you:

any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as by avenging a crime.

done violently and summarily, without recourse to lawful procedures.

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