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Two thieves entered a mansion in Mexico to find the Owner didn’t have dogs guarding the place, He had a tiger and a white lion


Wapambane na hali yao. Wapi CCTV footage wakifanywa ragdolls?

hehehe good job

Even big cats hate thieves. Luwere for them

Ona hio simba mdomo ni red hadi kwa miguu. Frightening

Tuliona hii Kwa MMNN juzi ,if you know you know.

fvck!!! nimeskia utambi yangu imekua lighter, and the poor guy is still awake and witnessing all that, zinafinyiliwa vile msee hukanda unga ya chapo

Ni katika hali ya kunukisha kitungu

Damn…doctors in the house, is there even a remote chance that the dude in the video survived?

Weee enda ukashike wakora. @123tokambio

hehe wah,hio Hata huwezi hepa you just get ready for the worst

those big cats have to go down to.

Napenda sana.

Huko kwa Meria kuna footage ya action???

Poetic justice?

tiger inakaa ilikua ina watch tu, no blood stains

After further research, it would appear it was the big cats owner that was attacked by one his lionesses.


msi danganywe hapa ati having bigs cats as pets is a good idea


Most likely a narcotics seller and gangster.

Kwanza ni Ciudad Juarez? That city was at one time overrun by cartels, even judges and policemen were being killed like chicken.