Video: South Africans HAPPILY tell a reporter they will kill foreigners.

Sasa juu wewe sio the brightest african man, where do you fall?

fuck… nkt

Hiyo paka yangu (cheki avatar) huangalia watu wa kawasaki. Haina noma na mtu

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Team kawasaki wame murder ceiling cat

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so sad indeed!

We saw precious little armed action against the apartheid regime, apart from the stone-throwing toddlers of Soweto and elsewhere. Just where was this Goodwill — wrong name — when some of us were traversing the world speaking and campaigning and organising in behalf of his people?

Senseless actions proceed from senseless thoughts and words, and then breed more senseless thoughts and words. In the middle of the mayhem, the whole world heard one meathead attempt what his feeble mind took for an explanation. “No,” declared this sage of sages, “This is not xenophobia, it’s Afrophobia.”

The official source of the Afrophobia in South Africa is in Pretoria. Police Minister Nathi Nhleko correctly identified it as “a particular political problem because you don’t see Australians or Britons being chased on the streets and similar demands being placed on them to leave the country.”

In fact, Afrophobia is South Africa’s official policy expressed most acutely in immigration laws. The new laws were announced and implemented in May 2014 by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the minister has expressly refused to entertain any idea of revising them.

Blame it on lack of knowledge or better still ignorance