Video Of THICK & DENSE GSU D- FOOLS Threatenig Civillians Surfaces, Sisi Ni Wale Wa Pa! Pa! Pa! Squad 26, They Say

Bloody screaming shame. Rotten gutter character. Are these the so called disciplined forces? This bunch of yellers is a disgrace, and they should not be armed by anyone in a well run administration. They don’t even deserve to be in that uniform. Who, after seeing this wants to trust them for the protection of civilians? They should be scattered to to the most volatile places ndio wamee akili. Shame on each one of them. Ati “Tumemaliza!” Kumaliza training ndio nini? They think their job is a game? Their work is only beginning. They should be promptly posted to deal with cattle rustlers and let’s get them tested.

Watapelekwa Baragoi wapatane na battle hardened homo erectus:D who have never worn shoes uskie body count ingine wazimu.

That is normal reaction for newly graduated recruits, mtu akimaliza training huwa na mioto mingi, but it naturally fades with time. Before long, watakuwa wanajiona kwa hizi video wanashangaa ni upuzi Gani walikuwa wanafanya

We all celebrated after completing the final KCSE paper, didn’t we?

sioni ubaya those are just overexcited youngmen. but wapelekwe under cover pale kwa mauki

This ain’t a big deal… Hii ni ile excitement ya kugraduate mimi nakumbuka nikigraduate I said some uncouth words. However, ile time nliingia kwa streets life was different.

I fail to under the thought process of people claiming that this is just excitement

Let them meet the experienced ones in the streets.

They were disciplined in a manner that does not concern civilians.