Video Of THICK & DENSE GSU D- FOOLS Threatenig Civillians Surfaces, Sisi Ni Wale Wa Pa! Pa! Pa! Squad 26, They Say

These is the sort of garbage entrusted with guns in Shithole FAILED Banana Republic that is Kenya


Busy threatening unarmed civillians yet mnatombagwa mikundu na Cattle rustlers kule Suguta Valley. USELESS

For a moment, I thought this was the group Mbogi ngenje

This whole bunch should be posted permanently to The terrorists and rustlers havens….without guns

Not surprised their training ni ile ya ukoloni.

Wanafaa wakuwe deployed kwenda Mandera huko karibu na border ama Boni forest huko Coast ama Migingo Island ama Pokot ndani ndio washike adabu. I also think the curriculum should be updated or overhauled

The curriculum used for training law enforcement agencies in Kenya is pretty outdated. The only people who get the latest training manual ni maybe RECCE ama VIP Protection Unit juu wao lazima waende Israel, Russia ama US for training before they are posted. Hawa wengine ni half baked plebs who only specialize in brutalizing harmless and unarmed civilians while Sandak wearing bandits whoop their ass.

Politicians would not want that

The better the training, the less likely the D- will hack, which means the more intelligent the police force, which means the more difficult it will be to manipulate the police into following the politicians

The highly trained police units most likely have extremely high turnover rates


DP alililia GSU si apewe hawa.

They should go and boast to Pokot cattle rustlers waonyeshwe how to boast

On a serious note,someone should come.clean about these kids.Are they really in GSU,coz we have something to worry about.
Disciplined force shouldn’t legeza kamba on their training standards.
Otherwise the next video we shall see from this trigger happy kids ni ya wakionyesha how they plan their missions and revealing more and more secrets

Thugs in uniform.

Hawa wanaharibu jina ya GSU.

GSU was a nonsense squad just a notch below the Army.

I doubt they would last a day against shoeless Pokots.

Ujue Pokots fight for a cause while this cerelac boys fight for selfies and a salary. Bure kabisa.

I saw a video of how Pokots ride underneath a bull during rustling nikastuka. In a huge herd of cattle jamaa anajifunga kamba kiunoni na hiyo kamba inafungwa around the bull yeye anahang Kwa belly ya bull anajishikilia na mkono Moja ingine Iko Kwa AK. You can’t get him unless mshoot ngombe zote

how does the bandit shoot without killing the cows?

He doesn’t fire a shot until later after disembarking and taking position in the scrubs. Hawa tu drones ndizo zinawezana nao

Ndio nilikuwa nataka ku uliza…hio story ya kujifunga kwa ngombe nimeiskia na as far as im concerned its practically impossible.

Now what if the bull takes a detour to the bull knows wherever rather than the planned shrub…boss mimi ni mfugaji…do you know how hard it is even for a polite cow to carry you on its back…let alone fasten a kamba for you to support yourself…huko chini pahali his goods are?
Wacha ni ingie youtube niitafute hio action movie…but ukiweza nisaidia hio clip naweza shukuru.

…or decides to mount the female…:D[SIZE=1]jamaa akiwa hapo chini[/SIZE]

Wacha upuzi…privates za ngombe huwa chini?..ama labda ai ride mpaka kwa shrubs a dismount ndio afanye proper mounting with an ak47 tucked under his armpit.

me thinks hawa ni vijana wa gaza gang they just bribed their way in:mad:

These kids are as a result of corrupt based recruitment. They are probably sons of senior officers within NPS.
They have had it easy hence the bragging. Did you know that not every graduand is involved in the pass out parade?
Hawa wanakaa ni hiyo gang and probably walikuwa wamechapa Chrome tots kadhaa.

Unfortunately nothing will happen to them. Tutaambiwa tu wamekuwa disciplined.