VIDEO: Israel Special Forces launch a special operation to liquidate Hamas terrorists

You can run but you can never hide. This operation was carried out by Arab Israelis (see the Imam and the hijab ladies) who were pissed off by Hamas terroristic attacks and desecrated their religion. @hakimoto @rexxsimba

But rockets are still reaching Tel aviv, all this time in gaza and nothing to show

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The intensity of the rockets has reduced

This is clearly a war crime

You cant dress as civilians yet claim to be the army



Your twisted Moral and Values standards are showing …

This is a response to the unprovoked 07th October Terrorist Massacre that killed 2560 Israeli Citizens ( not Army ) in 3 days …
And 245 Women , Children and Old Ladies Kidnapped …

This is NOT a War …

It is an anti-Terrorist and Pest Control Operation in which all the Vermin and their support structure must be destroyed …:blush::fire:

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What terrorist? Israel is trespassing on Palestine Land.

How do you “trespass” on land that has been yours since time immemorial…??
Or are you not schooled in both History and Geography…?? :blush:

Who told you it belonged to them ? Dr. Cynthia hippo hassann? they usurped that land from Hittites and Palestinians. The fucking jews whose cocks you suck have no land . Their ancestors were called wanderers for a reason they should be wandering around the world bila kusumbua