video game

How much will it cost to start a video game business, wth two screens?

Depends on which console,latest and popular games,venue,license,bills and salary roughly 100k if you have the electronics in place and you dont have a place of your own

100k Haiwes mboss.
Ps4 Console =30k. Xbox is more expensive. For a second hand chipped ps3 = 16k
A popular game will not cost less than 5500/-
Extra pad 5k
Tv screen , least 32’’ ni 21k, 40’’ 35k
Licence 10k
Seats ------
Fanya hesabu

Fanya hesabu ya chenye unataka hapa

Listen carefuly.i’m doing the same biz,6 consoles all ps4 bought online,6 40 inch tv from luthuli,welding of the whole setup coz i dont take them off,license, with a place of my own
…well my bro inlaw and it cost not more than 225k
Fanya hesabu

Doing the same biz and speaking from experience mbloh. The village merchant @syndicate can quote the current prices of Tvs and other accessories.


Would i be yapping my mouth here aimlessly if it didnt?

What are you monthly takings, and how do you prevent employees from stealing from you?

the last part of the Q ni muhimu sana

Two 40+ inch screens - hisense or cheap brands (river road with 2 year warrranty)= 80K
Ps4 =30k
Xbox ONE S = 30k
Games = Piracy Free online

225k?! Damn, can we talk?

Nunua Fifa coz thats the only game watu hawawezi live without
Blur/ Any other racing game
Fight game
Alafu uweke kwa slums where alot of idle kids live kama zimmerman
ukiweka tao rent itakumaliza

but hii biz sio msuri. very low end. 2/10 job

Pros n cons, am planning to start this biz.

Hizo swali mbili ni muhimu sana kupata jibu

Kwa pads issue out to clients wakiingia, wakitoka wanarudisha. Place your counter at the entrance and it’s better to have a big guy for safety and hard clients. Screen unless wanaeza eka kwa mfuko hapo uko sawa

Shukran bro. I have been thinking of starting this kind of business