@Deorro @Mundu Mulosi @Electronics4u @admin
You have been banning the wrong people just because you suspect that they are either @Jirani or @Wakanyama.
Especially every handle starting with WA it is always banned without investigation whether its an imposter. Now today someone was banned because he was suspected to be jirani.
What i would request you is an amnesty for all the banned handles so not to carry forward the grudges to 2018

Hau waria ta athuri a community. pewa moja kwa bill yako

I don’t know why someone should impersonate being somebody else. I suspected he could not be jigranny but again the nigga was too eager to be banned.
Wakanyugi naye hujulikana akiwa border line. Hiyo jinga haijui kujificha ka huyo jamaa wa bendora

@Wakarindi ukitaka kumtoa kwa pango, weka tu thread inahusu ubaya wa jubilee atakunja mbio na aseme “we are prepared for any eventuality”

That Jerry character appears unstable. What’s his story?

From what I’ve seen he’s a hateful vulgar child with an egg for a brain.

If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck.

Sooo Kaliech Sirkal = Jaymoh?