Vice Presidents Don't Ascend Directly To Presidency In Kenya

Ruto will not be the first. Kibaki became president after several attempts. Mark this thread.

In China, the vice premier (almost the second in command) never succeds his boss ever. They retire together with him. E.g Li Keqiang cannot succeed Xi Jinping. Wanaenda nyumbani wote.

kwani kenya imekuwa for 1000 years ndio mseme ivo? tumekuwa na presidents wanne peke yake, mmoja alikufia kwa office, wa pili aliretire na successor wake hakuwa na competition, wa nne alishinda uchaguzi.

So how is China’s case relevant in this thread?

What about Deputy President?. Kenya has only 1 since independence.

Same post different names

Well, also no one ever ascends to the presidency on the fifth attempt