Vibranium discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Very bad news

That country is so blessed yet so cursed.

Fake chieth

Kdf warudi Kwa makaa Somalia, democracy is coming

This story is soo fake yaani. its nothing new, many sites on earth have these rocks

It’s fictitious like the valerian steel in game of throne.

Hiyo ni condom amevaa kwa mkono

what are the implications of this fukking stone?

Valyrian steel is based on Damascus steel. So technically it does exist.

Could be a game changer for all electric devices.

Ndindu atapost hii tena, tubet

Hio dogomothi ni extremely low IQ

ile mafi @Micymas ndio hurepost kitu ameona ime repostiwa mara kumi. panya haina akili