Viboko imeanza Kutembea, na Bado!!!!!

Citizen tv is all over crying that they have been denied the chance to exclusively air the presidential inauguration. Ruto has given Multichoice n KBC those rights. All others media houses must buy the rights from the two. Hii ni kionjo wadau. Wait after Tuesday mtajiones maneno.

Nobody cares about the mwisi. Meffi yeye.

When digging a grave, size it up with yourself. Citizen dug their own grave. Hizo government tenders za advertisements wataonea viusasa.

Who has the time to watch such nonsense on TV?

Utapona ndugu

Why would citizen tv want to have exclusive rights to air a national and constitutional event?
Doesn’t make sense.
Anyway I think SK Masharia mixed business with friendship and now he is likely to see fire.
Pole kwake.

Fighting his perceived enemies will wreck the economy, Ruto can’t go directly to these guys, what he will do, is look at their investment portfolio, and start destabilizing those sectors they have invested in.
That how Moi ended up destroying whole sectors of the economy.


Vayoleeence everywhere:D:D:D


Macharia made a grave mistake. He should have kept his ass silent and played both sides using proxies.

Hii ni poa angalau KBC wapate pesa,Hawa staff wanukishe kitunguu

Let them boycott. They can feature split screens of baba in bondo and mama at the East African justice court

This was 2013 inauguration

Junet naye ameambiwa akicheza receipts za wife yake akipgwa stick zitatolewa. Twitter kumewaka aisee.

Entitlement at its best. SK akicheza atamaliswa baridi. Next nimeona ni brookside ndio revival ya KCC ifanyiwe. Mwangi wa iqwety najua vidole ameanza kukula juu atafanyiwa Ile kitu.

Niliwaambia Ruto’s enemies ni Mount Kenya elite, sio peasants wa Githurai wenye walimpigia kura. He will target their businesses and castrate them financially. SK is the first one. Its only a matter of time NCBA na dairy sector zifikiwe.

Unakumbuka wakiambiwa watulie wapangwe? Cheza chini uone video na ndrama zote. Kwanza hio merger ya NCBA, konyagi lazima atalipia Ile tax alihepa.

He can only see fire if Ruto decides to deal with his business directly and over a prolonged period of time, given SK’s grip on not only TV but most importantly, Radio.
He has a dominant radio station in every major tribe in Kenya.
This isn’t some kiosk that can be shaken at once.

It’s Azimio TV getting an eye for eye treatment.

Walijiona wao ndio kunyamba. Wacha watolewe nyama mdomoni wakiona tu.