Vetting Tenants

My tenant who has been very good amenipatia notice na nikasikia uchungu. Previous occupants of my property have shown me fire and considering we are in a downturn I know I will struggle finding another good person to cover that house.

Experience in the past… I’ve been either evicting a tenant for typical rent issues a lot. Also I gave one excuses to vacate the house for maintenance, this one I found cooking with a charcoal jiko in the house, same person raising chicken in the pantry. Another was a Nigerian wash wash guy who paid three months up front and the following three were Oga stories. As a rule I don’t rent to Somalis even though I’m a cushite for reasons we all know, same applies to Sudis.

House ni 3 bedroom single unit mahali kwa middle class.

Employed guys make the best tenants. Watu wa biz ni sumbua na story zao za nangoja deal fulani iivane

Just ban single moms and you are good.

Single mothers with several kids and in unstable jobs are fire.

single moms single moms.
ask yourself if you die today (God forbid) your kids will be under the care of a single mom, will your spirit be happy if everyone treats them the way you are imagining? not all single moms are there by choice.


@kah tony wewe ndio poucher ulishikwa na ivory ukalala kamiti?anyway rent ni how much?

Lease agreement ni muhimu and it should be detailed as fuck… somalis hautakua na rent payment issues but deposit itisha ya miezi tatu juu ya zile repairs utafanya.

Waria watu chafu sana

Widows are not considered in same class as single mums anywhere in this universe.

Kwani ex-con hafai kuwa landlord?

What’s the problem with cooking with charcoal jiko if there is enough backyard space for the smoke not to disturb the neighbours?

Single mothers with kids and a job are the best tenants. They don’t want to be thrown out with kids ama kuhama every so often because kids need stability such as not changing schools.

We have a one single mom here , karibu mama

I rented for 8 years then we had to get our own crib on the outskirts of Naerobae. That is where you say
“Sank you for your services but bye bye Mr radrod. See you later, alligator” lol

Kidogo the landlord is like “umeniita nini kichana?”

Just joking kids, achaneni in good terms coz one day Mr man you may need their services again. As we speak, I managed to get wifey’s small bro a house with our previous landlady. Told ya, dunia ni duara daddy.

Unalipia ndugu ya bibi rent

Good tenants are in very short supply. The competition also with new shiny dwellings and covid issues. Unfortunately, you might be forced to lower rent and accept those somalis. Kuna places that have been vacant for more than a year.Ni kubaya.

Hapana nilimuconnect. Wifey anamsort kiasi coz the lad is only starting out in life and they have a small toi.

CRB clearance certificate na six months bank statement ni muhimu.

Any worthy tenant will have no issue producing these as part of KYC requirements.

wanafunikiaga pungent smell na marashi excess coondushites :smiley: