Very useless car, this modern Land Rover/Range Rover.

[SIZE=5]Ginimbi’s massive Rolls-Royce Wraith destroyed by a simple Honda Fit… what is happening to the English automotive industry?

Very expensive, overpriced cars but utterly useless and unreliable!




Stop talking about cars you can’t afford

This is not a good comparison from a physical perspective. There’s a larger force pulling the Rangerover backward on account of its larger weight.

To visualize this, place a 18 wheel truck in the same position. It will struggle to move uphill more so than the RangeRover.

Sasa hata hauna mofara na unajifanya car enthusiast… nugu, maliza kalongolongo kabla uongelee haya

Patricia watch goonzsquad.

Useless overpriced hunk of metal.

Naskia hii ni 100k brand new. Full specs. Shouldn’t get stuck anywhere. :smiley:

Thoroughly embarrasing.

Nyang’anya tairi hiyo cousin wa Oppa na upachike kwenye range rover yako. Utakwama mpaka saa ngapi?

Mbona kama ni tairi linateleza siyo kwamba gari haliwezi kwenda mbele?


Do a side by side comparison with another vehicle it’s size. Run the other vehicle in the same spot. Otherwise this is pretty meaningless.

The usual land rover enthusiast excuse, “It’s the tyres not the car!”


The question is, is a land rover driver expected to be travelling around with a set of maybe16 tyres i.e for mud, sand, snow, tarmac???

Hio ni umeffi. It’s not the tyres, the car is irredeemably useless.

FYI Fiat panda imeshinda hadi Defender.

Old adage of driving in dirt roads of 3rd world countries passed a long time ago. A Range Rover is a British car and that Fiat is an Italian car. Surely where do they have roads that bad in those nations.
RangeRover is simply a Luxury car. Smoother ride, more power, way more features than that little fiat.

So you admit that the Land Rover 4 by 4 ability is a con , an expensive useless gimmick?

Off road yes. It’s a “con”. That car has so many sensors. Bouncing left and right on a rough road will shut it off.

Land Rovers, Range Rovers, iPhones, Rolls Royce are ALL garbage. Ni jina tu but ni takataka. Gari za Offroad ni Toyota Landcruiser

Baraza boy wetu wa nation alete verdict

Range Rovers are some of the most capable off road SUVs out there.

How hard is it for you to log into Google and watch tens of detailed reviews by people who do test cars for a living ?

So this guy and countless others are liers