Very tribal thread ..

@Finest wine this is the song which is trending…

Am very happy for this girl called Mzima Mzima.
She is very resilient. In kameme FM she presents the sports bulletin with a passion. (Naamashtee…KIvumbi kinachibuka!)
However she is never appreciated at Kameme. Always doing the donkey work of sitting in for that slay queen wannabe shosho called Muthoni wa kirumba.
She never complains.
While the other presenters portray themselves as holier than thou(ati niahonoku na ni tūmoì nì mìlefi na itharia), she does not pretend to be like that even on air.
She is also a shrewd business lady with several wines and spirit outlets.
She does not do gigs but prefers to concentrate on her biz and jobo.
@rexxsimba priss note that she is a single mother of one.:D:D

Iko mahali tunapiga ile ka mpira kadogo na yeye(though yeye ni spectator) hio wannabe shosho.

Respect to other single mother. Looks like job ya kameme ni side hustle. Very hard working.

It seems that She lives up to her name …
Nice … :D:D

Nitumie namba zake

Mzima squared is not appreciated coz she is pushing a male oriented career-sports reporting,I need to watch Mzima’s interview with Jeff Kuria… !! And yep I have come to dislike Wakirumba for arse licking…
I think it is dumbo for her to opt out of gigs which pay a lot in Kenya…

Talking of which… what does Mashete mean when he says ‘guthinga’ in almost all his live songs?

Hata mimi sijawai elewa meaning yake:D

Trying to read through this thread is trying to decipher hieroglyphics, I cant understand shit.

Nipatie namba ya Mzima Mzima ndio nipee @Motokubwa.

hii ndio hunibamba

wa turedio gaka ndiraigwiite wee! iko fity mdau.

What is the meaning of guthinga priss?

Okuyus act industrious but love cheap gossip… infact kama kuna mtu anweza launch a website like ya wasapere anaweza pata pesa mingi aki post gutter gossip of their “celebs”.

just that, “guthinga” as in patching up, ama minor repairs.
we used to use mud for that exercise tukithinga “nyumba cia ndaka na ruthiru”

I was once in a matatu from theka theka to gatura. as usual, the dumb-ass kikuyu driver had kameme radio on. I heard her sports broadcast. I fought back the urge to vomit all the way to gatura:(:(.

We have several channels flying this flag very high. And indeed we have Facebook which Kyuks love so much. If only you understood how much money is changing cash on shosho media platforms…ungenyamaza tuuuu.

He says that a lot…

ukijua tuupdate…

More evidence that gikuyu ni society ya wamama na umama.

Uko na nudes ni nyonge

These mungich landwhales wamekalia their weakasss Kikuyu men vibaya. Huko Kwa wasapere the women ndio kusema but to the rest of Kenya wanachosha na that aggressive energy