Very tough times

In your hood are people shifting. Jana Thika road was full or pick ups and canters are people switched. Some are selling their household items

A friend amenikol nimtafutie hao ya 10 1 bedroom somewhere in Ndenderu or kikuyu. Mind you , he was paying 40K for 3 bd with own compound.

Times are getting tough and we must adapt

Sema tu ni wewe. Pamabana na hali yako.

A reason why i keep insisting watu wajenge ushago

I shifted last year from paying 28 to 15K and I’m at peace. I use my car twice a week and I think I’m getting used

“Times are tough” mostly because of covid. If they take out all the restrictions the economy will definitely rebound! How do we get back on track? With vaccines and PPE. What the govt should be doing is ordering millions of vaccines and setting up the infrastructure to get these into people’s arms. Lockdowns should be accompanied with huge vaccination drives otherwise they’re hurting people financially without any improvement in health.

There’s nothing wrong with adjusting appropriately.

Kwani you havent heard GOK’s plan,they are planning to vaccinate only 30% of the population by 2023.With 622 vaccine centres across the country only 90k have been vaccinated,in short we are on our own

They need to go back to the drawing board asap. A return to normalcy will only happen after 75% + of the pop’n has been fully vaccinated.

Luckiest mofo is the one that has income generating activities huko ushago.

Wakenya ni watu baradhuli sana, Next year watapea ruto mwizi ghasia mkubwa kura halafu by 2025 waanze kulia tena when the price of diesel hits 260/- per litre.

The end of the world is here