Very soon

Very soon I will post bibi ya mtu with all graphical, qualitative, quantitative, thermal, and xray data evidence because she keeps asking me for financial support bila ikus and yet akiwa msichana she evaded me like leprosy and now she is crying for my help ati her husband drawn from one of those tribes known to lead in Stingy Men Association comes from. The woman unfortunately is very young, beautiful and stupid but asipochunga naletea elders hapa. I know the husband is a Talker so take care of your brood men!. We only pay for pu’'ssy eaten nothing less nothing more.

Subsaharan filthy wars …cunt relate

Why is everything about sex for y’all???

a barking dog does not bite

Mcooshite how much weight have you lost in this holy month of Ramadan? Do you even FAST, bro?

Howzit yo biz

ata picha ya nywele

Umemuomba akakataa

hii hasira ni ya a man who has been denied pussy…being denied pussy is normal, more like a hiccup…ignore n move on

Dafuq will you post? You on your knees begging for puthy?

Sisi kama kijiji tuko tayari omwani

Attention seeking ghasia

alshaba tombwa kunyi

Hii Cushite ni mende hii… it has survived

So you keep giving financial assistance waiting akuhurumie akupe nyaus?? Mwambie pesa aitishe morio humdinya.




Tutakula hii dadako na tumwage ndani.

:D:Dhizi ghaseer za bingwa mattercore hupeana sin 2 na anashikilia sim 1 na mkono usiiguze ,I can’t try this pigs

Angusha picha