Very serious goings on in Sweden.

Swedish boy forced to kiss shoes, stripped naked and assaulted by middle eastern immigrants.


Why are you spreading this right wing propaganda.

Islam, the religion of peace.

Are you saying this video is doctored?

Huko Sweden, the Swedes a very scared of being called racist so they will do such shit and reporting anything to the police is useless hawatafanya chochote

The American rapper A$AP Rocky was imprisoned in Sweden after fighting an arab who had hit him first

They will be overrun if they don’t stand their ground.

Sweden is already lost

What do you mean right wing propaganda? As in, it is OK for the Arabs kudhalilisha kijana hivyo?

Hawa watu hawajui wazungu ni kitu gani. The moment those white niggas wake up, those cunts in government will have nowhere to run. Arabs will be slaughtered like goats.

Mbona wazushe? What you guys don’t understand is that infertility in Europe is real!

There is also a huge problem with ageing workforce.

Mzungus don’t want to get married and have kids yet these countries need workers for their massive factories and farms.

So Obama started his Arab springs and now the Europeans have workers.

I usually hear people saying ati a huge population imade up of young people is a terrible thing, ngojeni mjenge factories or farms and there is no one to work them.

Huyo mbois anateswa hapo mzungu sio?

Japan is hard hit by this very issue. China is the next in line.

China has a huge ageing work force. And most humans nowadays are living upto 70 or 80 and it’s very costly to take care of the aged. In most developed countries the main job available to immigrants has become taking care of the old.

Due to the 1 child policy China is facing serious infertility. Where will the future army of factory workers come from?

And please don’t tell me robots.

Cc @Kennedy Maina

Eeh, ghai. Amefanywa vibaya.

It’s very simple, incentivise families to have babies by giving them cash for each extra child born, just like Russia did.

They reverted to a two-child limit in 2015 after 2 decades of one child policy.with exceptions for some other groups,especially the ethnic minorities who are going extinct.

Hebu teremka pale kwa sex and relationships and just pass through the first 3 threads. A keen eye will tell you that many chaps here are single and very averse to settling down.

And the excuse given is that hawataki single mothers… :D… sijui utakuwa beta male…

The same problem afflicting Europe is also in Kenya today. Young guys are very afraid of marriage and kids. Kids are viewed as expensive objects that impede freedom, happiness and joy.

Meanwhile the girls want to finish school, career and maybe a baby at 40. That is going against nature. Hio sasa ndio infertility.

Unakuta wamama wazee ambao walikataa kuzaa.

In Japan young men refuse to leave their parent’s house. You find even 50 year olds, highly educated but refused to marry. Haven’t you seen such cases in Kenya nowadays?

these thankless muslims are ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ , they have raped , sexually harraassed & assaulted european citizens all for nothing , they’ve forgetten the sh*thole they came from . Anyways in a few decades expect europe to have muslims allover kuliko london …somalis and arabs will fill europe and these europeans will regret not having foresight… islam is known to creep in a country and after a few centuries , those countries are labelled , muslim nations…anyway , soon i expect white supremacists to start direct attacks to discourage muslims from entering their countries…

I stumbled upon this thread yesterday morning. Very entertaining read.


A few years ago Forbes magazine told the absolute truth about the declining populations in Europe and I quote :

Long-term, the only option for Europe may be to allow more immigration, particularly from Africa and the Middle East, although this may be impossible due to growing political resistance to immigration.

Usifikirie the war in Syria was an accident. The Europeans needed educated immigrants!

Today Kenya’s population appears to be too large and full of young people.

But that is a dangerous illusion.

If you refuse to get children then in 50 or 60 years time Kenya will be in serious trouble. There will be no one to replace you as you depart the earth.

And populations contract overnight.

Sweden in some years itakuwa imejaa immigrants.