Very sad


Hao walamba mattercore wali-accompany Matiangi walikuwa wanajifanya vile hao pia wamekasirika :D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D…what matiangi doesn’t realize is that most teachers,B.O.G members are there to eat tenders and school funds,they procure things based on how much they can EAT

proceeds from the multimillion shilling bus business goes to principal and the board. why would you invest in a dormitory unless students pay rent. Boarding schools should be scrapped. what is their difference with kamiti or manyani prison? When i look i dont see any. just a place to breed killers.

Apartments lazma zijengwe. Misplaced priorities

@ChifuMbitika you were once county director of education, did you guys visit schools?

Wacha director even the local quality assurance guy never visits.

Kumbe @ChifuMbitika wewe ni msito

I have a friend who is an auditor.

He told me they make alot of money when in the field. A principal of a national school in Nyanza usually reserve an executive room in ciala resort for auditors. In addition to that he makes arrangements for petite ladies from maseno University to “entertain” the guests.

Wakimaliza auditing wanapewa 100k Kila mtu, they are usually two auditors. In turn they are expected to write a good report. Imagine ukipewa hiyo pesa na shule kumi? That’s how people are erecting apartments out here.

He used to chair meetings in education board meetings for county directors of education


hehe. yaani multihandler peasant mbitika hujakubali hali yako?

That what corruption does to a country, no service delivery and misplaced priorities. corruption is like a virus in the your body, it keeps multiplying till it kills the host. Starts as “Mpatie tu kitu kidogo hio iishe” and both minds are corrupted.

Heshimu wasito


I used to make impromptu visits to random schools. But I never intimidated anyone. My intention was always to seek solutions to problems bedevilling schools

Quite true

spot on.
Now you know why schools are up in smoke. Wamekula pesa ya disbursement na ya next imekua delayed indefinately so hawana reason mbona hakuna pesa ya kujisustain. Wanakulaga ,do some shitty uplift ya shule then wait to eat again

And don’t forget, bado kuna development levy every other term, 2-5k per student…which never really develops anything.

Former school tulikuwa na hadi KPLC na water bill

He’s still drinking the koolaid, fervently:D

Tell us more, @ChifuMbitika’s squire/biographer/cup holder/alter ego…