Very Popular Photos Circulated Millions Of Times Online


The origins of the “Success Kid” go back to 2007, when Laney Griner uploaded a photo of his son Sam to Flickr. Sam’s portrait first went viral with the caption “I Hate Sandcastles” but Laney didn’t like the context of the meme, as she felt it made her son look like a bully. However, eventually the meme caught on as the “Success Kid”, and Laney ended up embracing it.

This photo of a Shiba Inu named Kabosu went viral back in 2013 as the “Doge” meme. Despite the rumors of its death, this adorable doggo is still alive and well


The “Roll Safe” meme comes from a BBC documentary series called “Hood Documentary” that was shot back in 2016. It features an actor named Kayode Ewumi, pointing to his head and smiling after calling a woman beautiful because “she’s got good brains.”


Kyle’s yearbook photo went viral all over the internet back in 2012 after his friend Ian Davies uploaded it to Reddit with the caption “Takes driving test .?.?. gets first DUI”. Kyle says that he rubbed his face with a sweater to make it red and put on an obnoxious smile on purpose.

The “Confused Nick Young” meme comes from an episode of “Thru The Lens” that was shot back in 2014. The screenshot comes from a scene where his mother says that Nick was “a clown” in his younger years.



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