Very GORY & DIRE Video From Sudan. People Getting Smashed With Huge Rocks, Clubs

Wueh… Enyewe humans are just furless animals.

But this is South Sudan?


No north Sudanese bonobos

This was last week on Tuesday in SUDAN not South Sudan

Religion of peace doing peaceful things.

Wadau peace ni muhimu.

Alafu in every such videos, there are those with a human heart and they don’t engage.


War is bad but bonobos are worse

Pia wewe hapa kakinuka tutakufanyia hivyo ndio upunguzee Umama.

hivi ndio tutamaliza mashoga kama @MajorProphet na @Smith_

These are nilotic sudanese not cushitic ( Arabic) ones.

Why are they killing them?

This is what we mean when we say “malisa”. Lakini these guys love spanking matako. :smiley: Katambe kaende kama Safari rally.

Most Sudanese are black bonobos speaking Arabic usidanganywe

So you feel sorry for your self :smiley:

Thank goodness for the tiresome downloading, I refuse to defile my spirit with gory images depicting hell on earth. Do you see how evil has increased in EPIC proportions? It’s just one thing after another. It’s so ugly and terrifying, O God hide us now. We plead the blood of Jesus!

There culture, is bad, it removes humanity from a person people who have blood in their cuisine tend to be hostile and too difficult,