Verstappen's Best Chance

[SIZE=7][B]How Mexico’s high altitude is shaking up the F1 pecking order[/B][/SIZE]

VS, what the ferk?

Lost track of F1 but let me catch this race today.

Unaenda Abu Dhabi? Sio pesa mingi. Early bird 30k for three days

Renault also perfomed on Fp1 and FP2 …when max starts at the bottom he fly’s to the top the way he did in russia and cota

Interesting race tomorrow…ricciardo’s pole now seems like a curse…watch versteppen take him out on the first corner…and vettel behind Hamilton is also tricky…I foresee safety car on the first lap…

Mercedes we finish it today.
Only 7th needed.

Mad Max a.k.a Verstappen is the reason I watch F1 these days. The guy can overtake, especially when starting from a disadvantage position.

Lewis only neefs to stay out of the fray, particularly in that first series of corners. Let Ricciardo, Verstappen and the mad bull Vettel tussle.

Both driver standing and constractor, Mercedes are set. But honestly I am tired of F1 seasons resembling the German soccer league…one at the top chased by several others. Totally irritating.