Leo nimeona Naivas wako na hadi Davidoff, hio maybe stock iishe.

Niaje mungich mijinga

Dont ask!!! Hahaaa
I like your tricky

I thought I was alone. I use to get 30ml of INVICTUS for a 100 bob at some place in Nanyuki and the compliments never ended.

Good move mwalim.

Poverty mentality ni kitu mbaya sana. You get comfortable in a mediocre or average existence ata huwezi jichallenge. Learn to push your limits in everything you do man. Kama tu ukichapa tizi, you can’t keep lifting the same weight all through. Lazima ukae ukiongeza plates kwa hiyo bar.

Shika cologne inaitwa Sauvage ama ingine inaitwa Explorer. Billionare scents those ones.

Waah kwani mko na pesa aje…what do you guys do?

Jaro soja … ukipata offer ya perfume anga cologne tafasali shtua @uwesmake


Bro, wewe shinda apo na poverty mentality … we is trying to create generational wealth splurging on 35k colonge is not a priority to me.

Boys. Nothing beats the smell of 1mirrion in cash. Ni hayo two

Kinda missed the whole point buddy. If spending 35k buying somthing for yourself is to much, do you think you can invest 5 million somewhere and risk losing it? You gotta spend money to make money.

You is fucking ridiculous? How does buying a 35k colonge make me money?

Inapimwa wapi?

Nipewe suggestions ya peasant. Under 1k

What I’m using now, you can’t go wrong with this two…


Mimi natambua Versman

Wachana na brands. Tafuta oil based cologne na iwe na oud wood.

Mbicha sisi watu wa vaseline tuzijue pia

The rise of the metrosexual man.