Vernacular radio stations encourage peasantry.

My opinion though. I have noted that most vernacular radio stations in Kenya are myopic and propagate peasantry in the country. I have also noted that these are the tools that easily brainwash the people into tribal cocoons and drive the ‘mtu wetu’ syndrome. Not that I don’t occasionally listen to a few, but I find that most people who are obsessed with these stations are people who have a myopic thinking when it comes to politics and national issues. You also find that they employ journalists who easily fit into the general opinion of the station without questioning. Even the best of them will not go for internationally exposed individuals like Chamwada or Jeff Koinange. We can’t also forget the contribution of these stations during the 2007 PEV.

You have noted 12years late…

In Tanzania ,there are no vernacular radio station, despite the country having 125 ethnic languages tafakari hayo…

vernacular radio stations should be boosted. embrace diversity of languages and cultures.

I agree. Kwanza Kameme FM and some Kikuyu TV stations are most affected. This guy called Njogu wa Njoroge akisema kitu it is law among the Kikuyus in the remote parts of Kenya. The guys are so brainwashed by the station hakuna kitu ingine wanafikirianga. At least folks in town are woke.

That’s exactly what I am saying. A serious government should not allow the proliferation of tribal media in a divided country like ours.

Very true. They should be only be a few in existence and be carefully monitored.

WTF! so with the current politics sides are taken already?

Of course yes

They sell a very low idea of what good life is. They also assume everyone is poorer and they (journalists) have some power and money over all listeners. 99% of them also assume that all listeners are Christians.

I have also noted that

Oh yes. The people already support a BBI they don’t even know what the abbreviations stand for.

They have to be sensitive to the main demographic that listens to them. Market people, ma3 guys, peasant farmers, boda riders etc

This is what helps them survive. Kameme is 20 years old