Verah Mungasia “Sidika” lipa deni!

Monday, 12 July 2021 – Vera Sidika has been blasted after she failed to pay a famous comedian who provided services at her baby’s gender reveal party hosted in Karen on Saturday.

Churchill Show comedian, Akuku Danger, said that he provided sound equipment at the party but Vera refused to send the agreed balance after the party ended.

They had agreed on Sh 15,000 fee for one hour.

Vera sent him a deposit of Sh 10,000 and promised to pay the rest after the party.
However, she didn’t honour the agreement.

For some of us, it’s the small money that makes a difference in our livelihoods. I’m kindly asking you to pay me my balance of 5,000, Which rightfully belongs to me!” Akuku Danger ranted in a long post.

The comedian further claims that he was assaulted by Vera Sidika’s security team when he asked for his balance.

Here’s the long post that he wrote on his Instagram page blasting the retired socialite.

Hatuwescrick hizo porojo…

@uwesmake ponga na mdada wako alipe deni buana

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