Ventilators are killing Corona patients- 80% die

It was a hoax guys, but manufacturers have already made their money


Data from Wuhan, Germany, Italy, England and Newyork show that ventilators are causing more deaths compared to simple masks

Concentrate on paying hookers, leave this to inquisitive minds


Ventilators don’t kill people. By the time you’re put on a ventilator you can’t breathe by yourself so you are already at death’s door. That’s like saying dialysis kills people. No dude, it’s their toasted kidneys killing them.

una compare ventilator na mask :D:D:D:D meffi wewe bonobo

This guy cant reason that way. But I know he likes controversy

@Purple had pointed out this about 2 weeks ago, but the medical jargon was a bit too much to comprehend.
Purple what is your opinion, after watching this video?

Hii Jamaa inakuanga akili punguani

It was reported kitambo ukiona mbogi ikihepa quarantine si mchezo bana :smiley:

You have no idea what you are saying, zero

More and more doctors now believe Covid-19 patients should get breathing masks which deliver oxygen in non-invasive way. A simple machine called CPAP, standing for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which is often used by people in their own homes to conquer sleep apnoea (snoring and interrupted breathing), can be an alternative to ventilators.

Dr Tom Lawton, an intensive care consultant at Bradford Royal Infirmary, has ordered 100 of the masks from a local Yorkshire manufacturer. His hospital was worried about getting enough ventilators in time to cope with the Covid-19 crisis.

The masks keep the user’s airways open. According to BBC Radio 4’s The NHS Front Line, which has put out a diary from the hospital, they are a game changer.

One doctor told the programme, albeit cautiously: 'If we use these early enough during a patient’s stay, we prevent people deteriorating and needing to go on more complex ventilators. We have been testing them . . . and there’s evidence from China and the U.S. that they seem effective.

They just help inflate the lungs and it seems to be beneficial.’ This week, at its plant in Northamptonshire, car giant Mercedes has completed production of 10,000 CPAP breathing aids to fight Covid-19.

Early results on 40 patients, who would otherwise have gone on to a ventilator, found half were able to go home within 14 days of admission to hospital. Today, around 40 to 50 per cent of patients with pneumonia or similar respiratory ailments die on ventilators.

You are making an analogy as if it is a straight road. Even then, dialysis is the wrong analogy