Venezuela Military uprising attempt

Gunfire has been reported at a military base in the city of Valencia, Venezuela, and several arrests have been made after government troops ‘put down’ a military uprising.

Dramatic footage taken from area shows a convoy of police cars speeding down a road as gunshots sound in all directions.
Captain Juan Caguaripano, beleived to be leading the coup, declared the rebellion against the president

Circulating clip shows men brandishing assault rifles and wearing military uniforms as they announce the launch of the coup against unpopular president Nicolas Maduro to ‘restore democracy in the country’

Poor Venezuela, i guess low oil prices are doing that country in.

Benevolent Dictator Hugo Chavez was the best leader in south america

hyo ni fake news

Maduro alichukua the NASA equivalents Usiku Wa manane waki kamua

Was the coup successful or not?

But u support raila.nugutype

It’s socialism not oil prices and it all started with Hugo Chavez’s takeover. The stupid policies of nationalizing everything from oil to cement production killed their economy. He drove out both domestic and international investors and killed the middle-class. These are the same stupid policies that Maghufuli is implementing and Babuon wants to force on us.

You are blind if you don’t see what has been happening to Venezuela. How do you explain basic products blockade by “unknown powers” and suddenly MSM shows empty shelves and people scrambling for food, GOD bless Colombia for not selling out…they opened the trade corridors from land. when it fails you then engineer “human rights” advocay . mmh you know believe there was a “coup”. ferk! someone is tryna spread democracy in latin America.

But still the country’s economy is in shambles, too much dependence on oil ferked them.

F*ck Hugo … Escobar. If one man could be said to represent the idea of a “south american kingpin,” that one man would be Pablo Escobar. …

He wasn’t a president but a narco-terrorist who took advantage of a weak government.

yes, however an external power is working very hard . Something is very fishy over there. Seoth Efrica had somewhat of such an experiment last year but Zuma moved fast. Next is Philippines ,no way they are going to let Durtete get into bed with chinese esp their development bank.

Without Escobar they all went down… All o’ them.

Call him à naco terrorist or all you want but he was brilliant. Could have been, actually was the richest man in the world. But they could not let that happen… Would they?