Venezuela itakamuliwa bila lube.

I pity Venezuela. For years the country has given USA and and other Western countries the middle finger. By doing so they have managed to keep their oil and other resources from the filthy hands of the Western business men. The former President Hugo Chavez instead chose to side with communists and he got the big Mother Russia to protect the country. The west could not touch it. Sadly, Hugo Chavez died and his deputy Nicolas Maduro took over. A man that shared his dead boss’ ideologies and leadership style. He has managed to keep the country together since 2013.

I guess Nicolas ain’t that strong like Hugo Chavez. The Americans and other Western nations have their focus on Venezuela. They want Nicolas gone. They have already branded him a dictator. They are going to push until they depose him and replace him with a mother fcker that they can control. What will follow is that the country’s resources will be shared amongst the Western businesses and the country will be fucked. It will be a big fk you to Russia.

There is a pattern here. Libya, Zimbabwe and Syria. The countries got so fuc*kd up when their dictators were removed from power. The same will happen when Maduro is deposed. Either the country gets into a civil war or the same shit that is going on in Zimbabwe. If you pray please pray for that country.

If venezuela prospered and functioned like DUBAI …and the citizens were not dieing of hunger , I would support Maduro …but after seeing what they are going through , he should be in Guantanamo Bay Spa and resort soon .
Maduro seems like a bad leader …he is even soo bad at being a dictator …it’s embarrasing !

has it occured to you that someone might have created the situation to paint the incumbent as a failure and that you ve already taken bait?

Maduro is a fool and he is sooo corrupt…like i said he isn’t even good at being a dictator…he doesn’t seem like a smart leader ! His fall is welcome…

Yeah, it’s always another person’s fault.

these people always have a selfish agenda.
Take for instance hapa kwetu ingekuwa the opposition ni ya kupigania wananchi,Agwambo angekuwa vocal bado.but juu it’s ALWAYS a selfish fight,sai agwash aliposkumiwa benefits,uactivism ikaisha…

Idon’t think he’s weak. It is a question of his country being destroyed systematically by unseen hands.

Venezuela has suffered almost a decade of currency warfare. The usa made sure swift and other international currency platforms don’t accept their currency. It just threatens all banks and companies that do business with their currency with sanctions and they back down. So their currency value fell to nothing, you can’t import foodstuff, medicine, essential goods since your paper has no value. This is a country with the Top oil reserve in America’s but its currency is not acceptable. That’s how they have suffered for over a decade. Cripple the economy to create an uproar from the population against the government against the usa, pick an opposition leader to be their puppet leader of government and get him to give Venezuela oil reserve to usa oil companies. This is a coup, invasion and theft happening the evil imperial state that is us. However President Manduro has learned from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Form a militia of well armed patriots. AK47’s, RPG and IED. Venezuela will be one big urban warfare. His formation army will be hard it if they fight a conventional war. However they usa has lost all insurgency war since the Korea/Vietnam war. Let them fight for every street. Russia and China has already provided mercenaries support to beef up the insurgents electronic and systematic ground support. Its going to be a very bloody invasion for the usa.

I advice all women and children …or any willing venezualans to migrate out of that wreched country wakuje Africa mapema …That war is going to be messy and pointless…no need to die over stupid meaninglesness…

it is leadership, even castro was denied so much dollar but he survived and his country is good, even if your painted black outshine the rest man, before Gadfi being overthrown he was good leader, its all in leadership, if u r weak, madoa doa ya america watakuvuruga sana, cheza pro now, be the sly one, play it like chess or the game of thrones, paly and enjoy, dont show the iron fist or middle finger with an audience, survive