Vending Machines.

Anyone tried it ? Anyone thinking about it ? It’s essentially an automatic shop. How much would it cost and the licenses that my be required especially a beverage one. As seen in the attached image. Your opinions are welcome.[ATTACH=full]374348[/ATTACH]

Utalala mteja Nairobi don’t try it

Utachukua mpesa au coins?can do well at busy places like university hallways,airports and hospitals.

With time Utauza expired products

Easy coach waiting bays have them last time I was there.
Paid through Mpesa

University hallways really?
Unless unataka upoteze kila kitu uweke investment kama hiyo kwa akili viherere

Mpesa pia. You send the amount to a till / paybill then unapata code.

Kuna kufanya inventory na restocking bro just like any other shop

Will surely pay a visit to see how it works

Watu hawatatumia Ile ukora hufungua pool table ogopa Kenyans.

Haha. Acha ata pool table, Kenyans came up with an ingenous way of tampering with Telkom and Airtel (Kencell back then) phonebooths days after they launched them, to combat simu ya jamii, Leading to massive losses within a year zikabidi zitolewe tu. Vending machines operated by coins, forget.

Ikiwa watu hutumia data ya safaricon Sare na vile hio behemoth ni ngaati.

Kila mkenya ni mwizi walahi:D:D:D

Thought about it. I believe it could work. But, in high traffic and of course secure locations, since the conversion rate is likely to be low. Perhaps at the start, only 4 out of 100 people passing by actually by something from it?

The product choice vis a vis the consumer in the location will also determine success.

Talking of products, will the vending machine just offer the convenience of common products or even some unique gems? That act as a pull factor?

You should have the option of Mpesa and coins

Perhaps opt for a revenue share model with the space owner. A ratio is determined by margins and possible sales. This way the landlord has a duty to keep the machine safe. And then no sales, no rent.

Don’t think you require any special licenses other than the usual business permits.

There will definitely be some challenges at the start, but when you get the location and product right, you are could make some money.

There are a few vending machines, or rather dispensers, placed in the ladies at some malls and offices. When caught unprepared women pay via Mpesa to get a pad. Heard some are doing ok.

Yeah different products ( need and want ?) , but a good sign though.

All the best.


My advise…dont.
Some of these ideas cant work in Kenya where 99.967142% of the people are living from hand to mouth.
A customer will want to buy something, aweke pesa/lipa na mpesa but hio kitu ikwame. Hapo ataanza vita. This means you must employ someone to be rega-rega-ing around the machine to assist customers.

I mostly find these machines inside offices where well up people frequent e.g. AAR wako na moja hapo Williamson

Milk, water, cooking oil and gas vending machines (or ATMs as referred to by most Kenyans)are currently catching on very well . Before hurrubarro era is over hata smokie ,mayai na mutura will be in the mix.

It needs an attendant.

…as an entrepreneur, don’t listen to naysers, take the risk, you never know. That’s the exciting part of being a business person-venturing into the unknown.

Hii ya cooking oil can do very well in place ka pipeline.
Population check.

Alafu most households ni wale hubuy daily/ weekly proportions.