Vehicle Safey

What is the best way to physically secure your Toyota Fielder vehicle from thieves? Does gear lock work?

Weka comprehensive insurance and basic insurance approved alarm. Ikienda you pambana na claim. There is a good chance you may be jacked at gun point in which case the gear lock won’t help you, utafungua tu. And avoid some areas if you can

Juana na maraia ukiipark wapatie za macho na usikubali nigga ingine kuidrive whether garage ama car wash then toa tracker kama iko nayo

It’s all about being proactive with it, Where you park really matters, a lot. Weka izo cut outs, alarms and and extra physical deterrence like gear/steering lock. And then get comprehensive.

Kuna neighbor alikua na Demio, parked outside the gate, CCTV was obscured but we saw some guys came at night and with the use of a crane or pure muscle lifted that thing into a Canter and left with it. So ikue Toyota, BMW, Merc’s, or anything, if they want it really bad, they will get it.