Veal for elders

While I was doing rounds on this online streets, I stumbled on a post that made my blood freeze. A guy claimed that he is connected to major Tvet institutions in Kenya and whenever one visited any town where a tvet institute is, he can connect him to a lady who is a student but ready to keep you company. Me being a go getter, I gave it a short and I was surprised. For ksh 500, I had a college lady in her earlier 20s and the night was fire!!! Total damages was ksh 1500 cos I gave the lady 1k in the morning for service well executed. My new rule of life, I will never deal with any lady above 23. I have fresh supply now. God will judge me latter.

Ungeweka hata colour ya “short”

Ama signpost ya TVET institution kama Karurumo Technical Training institute hivi.

The guy is you , @Bakuli Kubwa , talkers don’t be conned by this dog who is a thief and homosexual

Good for you, keep it 23 and below, those are soft meat, unlike the guy commenting above who eats old camels and constantly he’s at loggerheads with homosexuals

Hata last 3 digits za phone number mkuu?


, I see someone’s got a hankering for some fresh meat! I support you. Aweke number hapa @


I respect elders who munch u23 meats only. Anything above that is stale!

Maze dating apps pia siku hizi nimeanza kuset age range to u23. Though kuna madem hot af wako 26-27 kwa the apps I’m sure hio stress inakuja nao ni more

Dating apps ni upuzi, I tried it and realized it will never work. First of all those women are not under 23, in real life utapata wako 26 to 28 with kid(s), these are facts they only reveal once you guys are comfortable and have moved from dating apps to texting / whatsapp.

Secondly that beautiful woman on the app is getting tons of messages from other bunch of losers, so imagine uko genuine trying to shoot your shot and not appearing fake but you are there competing with fools like @Josto Bwaku and @Bakuli Kubwa who are faking everything from the area of residence to education to earnings etc.

So in summary, I would suggest we revert back to the cold approach, works much better, you even see what you get.


Dating apps si ya kitu genuine at all. And true, unaeza pata madem viatu feeling hotcake ju ya the extreme attention and validation. Actually there was a study saying something like on Tinder the top 20% guys get 80% of the matches.
For me, sai niko badoo. Sina any expectation, nakuanga in the app ka 2-3hrs/week. Nimeona nitarust sana kutext/interact vile nimeamua to just unclog my pipes with a lanye once a month without any social skills

Nilitomba mama @uwesmake nikapea yeye last born.Keepee @uwesmake bado kimekataa kuniita daddy.

Nothing will ever beat cold approach. You see you like you chase after. Ikiungua inaungua na unakua na roho ngumu kama ya salesman you feel nothing


njaruo @Douchebag Otieno hutomba uncircumcised njaruo @Agwambo mkundu

Mzee uko karibu kudedi sababu umekula chumvi, badala ya matusi ya upumbavu pea vijana ushauri wa manufaa . Shenzi

Last wk nimekuwa tinder as part of my annual dating app visit. Nilipata quote ya 10k for sex, na 20k for mkia. The app kept trying to trick me into paying $15 a month as subscription fees. After 24hrs nikadelete hio upus. Til mid next year tena.

Siku hizi apps zimekuwa greedy sana. Watafanya pia algorithm usipate people you like as frequently ndio ulipe uweze kupata more access. Ni ufala.

I smell a scam… you must be @Anthony the village con…issa bait guys… lete airtight proof