VCT Expirience

Elders i had a visit last week and i can tell you for free it was a very difficult experience. As you await at the waiting bay you run through your mind all the kumwaga ndani escapades you had and confess that if it turns out negative you will never touch anyone out there with or without a Condom. Then there is the killer 10 minutes as you await the blood to run through the test kit, guys i swore to mend my ways from that day, i almost died of the stress of going through that…

What prompted you to go for check up?

Mkenya ni yule yule…unasau after tests zimekam fiti

Next week utaanza kupost about dryfry

You’ve reminded me of someone I watched recently. Ukipata time na bandos tazama hii clip na ushukuru Mungu.

Mkenya ni yule yule, you go out and kamata a random kunguru dry fry then you fasten your seat belt while driving home eti ajali inaua

This clip made me know kumbe unaweza kaa na HIV 1 full year na usijue

Positive au negative?
[SIZE=1]anyway luwere in advance na Nyasaye Aghulinde…[/SIZE]

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I had a lot of dry fry last year and even last month, then got a serious homa for like 3 weeks that made me think kuna vile…

Bora uhai ndio ya maana

condom ni fifty bob mimi hutumia

waiting bay?

in other words unatombanga condom na si dem

Very poor camera work. The focus is always on the interviewer and not the interviewee. And I don’t believe that woman’s story one bit…her language is too course.

How precise are the self test kits compared to vct? Kuna dem anataka nipigwe test. I’m clean lakini I have been gossipped to have slept with a positive bitch. She only gave me head then when I saw the pubes my dick went numb. I was saved by my guardian angel.
Apparently their is a claim that I fucked her which I don’t think so sinced I was plastered like a mf.

The day utapata what you are looking for hutawai rudi tena. Mark my words

My friend i wouldnt even go near one, circumstances forced me

na ukiienda tests…

Hehehe TUKO are in the Like/Views industry…they are not interested in credible info…jua hayo leo

Me I have been thinking this HIV thing has a way of infecting people it wants. There is a friend of mine I lived with in Eldoret for three years. He used to go to Paradise almost daily and in fact some days he brought the ladies home and I confirmed he was a dry fry artist since I never saw a CD in that house even in the middle of the night. Then just last year the guy got married to a nurse working at moi referral hospital. I personally confirmed that they were tested before the wedding and the guy is as clean as cotton wool. Ukimwi ni Kama iko na wenyewe!