VAT on petroleum products postponed


Hii rate cap, how come banks are still making abnormal profits

Waseme hivyo alafu ipande na shilingi mbili kila mwezi hadi igonge 150. Fucked up nation.

That’s why the proposal to change the law to remove rate caps was rejected by our honorable Mpigs and that was a job well done. Banks are not hurting for profits. IMF sijui why it hates Kenyans so much.

Hehehe, BTW, hii kitu government ikitaka kupandisha watafanya tu hivi

At least hii mafuta ingepanda tunge umia thanks Junet

Banks zote wanalia Interest rate cap…leo nimeenda kuitisha loan ingine I want to buy another Heifer na New Chaffcutter nikaambiwa …bla bla bla interest rates…company must have MOU with us etc…manze WTF?! where can I get faster credit facilities na mtu asiseme shylock…sacco yenye niko iko slow na hawana bidii hata

I can refer you to a friend and he can help you get a loan to a maximum of 2m

will keep u in mind…wacha nijicollect tena

Wacha tungojee but it’s a sign of relief

Instead of giving out loans to ‘small’ people, banks have been buying up GoK securities which offer regular and pretty good returns. This means they can afford to ignore peasants like me tukiomba loan because the interest income on t-bonds and t-bills far exceeds the meagre interest they pay on deposits.

I’m not a fan of excessive government intervention in business, but I’m convinced the only way Kenyan banks will address the credit needs of the common man is if there are caps on how much they can invest in GoK securities.

the only way to tame banks is disruptive technology

What are the terms? I’m interested to know more