vasectomised or condomised

raise your dicks if you think vasectomy should be illigalised

@regina wacha kusumbua watu wanalewo.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oooh my God, hii bangi ama pombe!

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Hata hio afadhali, i think hi ni ile wanaita brown brown aka gun powder cocaine mix.


Both. Not a good combination

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patia hii SV gunia

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Leo tutasamehea, because the post is not soo lethal like the ones posted by NVs.


Kama women like @Female Perspective can swallow why vasectomise

hi kiherehere yote from a SV.

Meth addicts should be equatored.

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Hehee am sure you didn’t see that cuming

No surprise that you had to be shocked. Perish the thought ama?


Evidently too late…