Vardy anauwa praying mantis

Leicester 2 assnol 1

Tulijua arsenal ni meffi

Arsenal kukamuliwa ni lazima until they fire that midget of a coach

Swara ni swara tu.




[SIZE=5]Head-to-head stats[/SIZE]
Leicester City v Arsenal (12:00 GMT)
Leicester have won three of the past four league meetings, including a 1-0 victory at the Emirates last October.
The Foxes could do the league double over Arsenal for the first time since 1973-74.
Arsenal have lost their last three Premier League away matches against Leicester, getting more red cards (two) than goals (one).

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Arteta is 175cms, hardly a midget but he is very stubborn and foolish.

Bao swaffii “toolsman”

Arsenal ni vipiii

Arsenali team kubwa

Ueni hio timu ya rodgers itoke top 4

Kichwaaaaaaaaa Arsenal

Bruno Penal-ndes anavaa swimming costume anakam kudive pale kwa The Bridge…meanwhile @uwesmake thank you for not putting up a thread for this match…swara wewe. Shenji.

Kwani aliwachiliwa jela?