VAR running wild in Tottenham Chelsea game

We should do away with this thing…

Wacha zako mdau. Chelsea won 4-1 clean. Accept and tukutane Kwa kiwanja very soon

The game was nothing but chaotic.
So many reviews.
So many disallowed goals
2 red cards.

VAR is spoiling this game bana. Like in the case of the Chelsea equaliser.
Why award a penalty after disallowing a goal? Wouldn’t the ref have just given advantage to Chelsea and allowed the initial goal to stand even after a foul in the box. Giving a red card worsened the situation.

It should be done away with.

Tumeuwa nyoka

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Wacha nicheki highlights…tujue

Washana na highlights…
You probably need to watch the whole game…
Drama garole…

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11 vs 9…all the highlights I needed

Drama banae…I I had to rewatch